Information Security | Personal Information Security | Fingerprint Security | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Information Security manufacturer and Personal Information Security supplier also Wholesale Distributors-over 5,963 ,Fingerprint Security,Communication Security,Computer Security buyers around the world at Tue, 21 Nov 2017 08:14:16 -0700 Biometric Identification <img src='productpic/ps_6fe91477619089.jpg' /><br>The biometric technology of <!--{$companyname}--> Security System Development Platform uses the capacitance fingerprint sensors. The identity authentication is that users need to put the correct fingerprint, and the correct information will be sent to the database of back-end system, then the users' identity will be certificated. The identification of hardware biometric and software authentication of back-end system integration is safer than simply use the account and password as the mechanism of identification. It can increase the level of information security. Biometric Identification Certified Security <img src='productpic/ps_gft01477619152.jpg' /><br>Certified Secure Element<br /> <br /> The Secure Element (SE) plays a key role in mobile transaction. With the Secure Element, the mobile phone will be more safety when you use mobile payment. Featuring a secure element structure <!--{$companyname}--> Security System Development Platform&nbsp;integrates security control chips embedded with not just AES, DES, ECC, and RSA international encryption algorithm but also SM1~4 national commercial ones from China. The security chips are also conform EAL (Evaluation Assurance Level) and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) certification. This enables <!--{$companyname}--> platform to conform to security requirements and accepted by every regional certification specification in China as well as other parts of the world. Certified Security Cross Platform System <img src='productpic/ps_zyw51477619243.jpg' /><br>Cross-Platform Execution<br /> <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> Security System Development Platform supports cross-platform OS. It supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux in computer OS and supports iOS and Android in smart phone OS. Developers can use the platform to develop <!--{$companyname}-->'s any information security products such as fingerprint identification, file encryption or mobile payment, etc. in different OS environment. <!--{$companyname}--> also provides SDK to help developers design their own software/App. Cross Platform System Storage Security <img src='productpic/ps_8ia21477619461.jpg' /><br>Well-Protected Secure Storage<br /> <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> Security System Development Platform uses the self-developed controller with AES 256bit hardware encryption technology, and is for storage memory and individual files protection. The encryption technology of Development Platform, can divide a fully protected area, and any data stored in the area that is protected by encryption. Besides, the individual files can also be encrypted. The encrypted files cannot be cracked if no authentication of password and encryption chip. It can be ensured the files is safe when you store or share to anyone anywhere. Storage Security Encryption Chip <img src='productpic/ps_m0fm1477619719.jpg' /><br>AES Encryption Controller<br /> <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> USB OTG Controller is built-in Embedded encryption/decryption engine. It' has Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technologyan. It's conform security, efficiency and adaptability. It's the most secure technology in the field of data encryption.<br /> The process of encryption/decryption that do encrypt/decrypt operation from GUI software/App on the PC or phones, and the firmware issue a command to the crypto engine of controller. The AES algorithm will convert the data file from plaintext to ciphertext. Ensure the data is safe. To prevent the data will not be cracked. Encryption Chip Storage Chip <img src='productpic/ps_lwvi1477619788.jpg' /><br>Dual USB &amp; Dual SD Controller<br /> <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> USB OTG Controller is an integral micro-controller that includes 8-bits high performance micro-controller (CSM8051). It has dual USB On-The-GO high speed interface and supports Host Negotiation Protocol (HNP) and Session Request Protocol (SRP). Both master and slave roles can switch to each other, through the interface to control data transfer. The controller also has dual SD/MMC interface and is comply with SDIO to control data transfer of micro SD/SD/MMC/eMMC. Whether the PC or mobile phone peripheral, <!--{$companyname}--> controller can be used for development and application of data storage. Storage Chip Embedded Flash <img src='productpic/ps_sltz1477619855.jpg' /><br>eFlash &amp; Logic process<br /> <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> OTG controller uses logic process and embedded memory process the two kinds of production. The controller produced by logic process is low cost and high yield, more suitable for general storage products. But the controller produced by logic process we need to put the firmware in SRAM, it's easily being stolen. The competitors can easily copy the same products.<br /> The controller produced by eFlash process is packaging the memory and logic IC in the same controller. The cost is higher, but the firmware is burned into the controller, so the competitors are difficult to obtain it. Because <!--{$companyname}--> information security solutions all use the eFlash controller, it has better protection for our customers than use general logic controller. Embedded Flash Secure Element <img src='productpic/ps_hify1477619959.jpg' /><br>UART/I2C/SPI Interface<br /> <br /> In addition to the USB and SD/MMC that the interface for big data transferring, <!--{$companyname}--> USB OTG Controller also have interfaces that use for communicating with other controller such as Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART), Inter IC interface (I2C) and Serial peripheral interface (SPI).<br /> Like the <!--{$companyname}--> information security solutions, they integrate fingerprint sensor, secure chip embedded secure element or NFC sensor, etc. They are all communicated with UART, I2C and SPI interfaces. That's why <!--{$companyname}-->'s solutions can be integrated with variety functions of controller. As long as both sides have the same communication interfaces and set the protocol, you can create more innovative solutions. Secure Element Control Module <img src='productpic/ps_6c0d1477620129.jpg' /><br>The Control Module of <!--{$companyname}--> Authentication Storage Hardware Security Module (AS-HSM) uses the self-developed controller. It's the main controller IC for components, data storage, connectivity &amp; RF interface manage and control. The connectivity interface you can control USB/micro USB, Type C and Apple Lightning for data transfer. You can also integrate the RF modules which control Bluetooth, WiFi, or NFC. Regardless of wired and wireless interface, <!--{$companyname}--> hardware security module can be all-round support. Control Module Cross Platform <img src='productpic/ps_lmz61477620229.jpg' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> Authentication Storage Hardware Security Module (AS-HSM) mainly by Control Module, Secure Module and Storage Module. It's compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android OS. The Security Module can be used in cross-platform OS no matter the PC or mobile phone environment. In addition to being the key for security certification such as identity authentication, mobile payment or asset management, etc., <!--{$companyname}--> Security Module can also be used as external storage devices for PC and mobile phone. It's a multiple-function hardware module. Cross Platform Secure Module <img src='productpic/ps_cjiv1477620315.jpg' /><br>The Secure Module of <!--{$companyname}--> Authentication Storage Hardware Security Module (AS-HSM) integrates the certificated secure chip that embedded secure element. It's used for the security operation such as Keys, Authentication Certification, Password and Crypto etc. The secure chips include AES, ECC, RSA or SM1~6 crypto coprocessors and are comply with EAL and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard). Through the secure chip and the certificated services such as apply, exchange and authentication of back-end system, <!--{$companyname}--> Security Module can be applied to identity authentication, mobile payment or mobile signature or other information security applications. Secure Module Storage Module <img src='productpic/ps_zd5b1477620423.jpg' /><br>The Storage Module of <!--{$companyname}--> Authentication Storage Hardware Security Module (AS-HSM) can be used to control the access of plug-in type or embedded type memory. The plug-in type memory supports SD/micro SD card. The embedded type memory mainly supports eMMC. File system supports FAT and exFAT format. The Storage Module is for raw or encrypted data storage, you can choose to encrypt the entire memory area, or encrypt the data before store into the memory, which can achieve the purpose of data protection. Storage Module Mobile Payment Security <img src='productpic/ps_d1um1477620534.jpg' /><br>Authentication、Signature、Payment<br /> <br /> Mobile applications such as mobile payment, online transfer or mobile signature, etc. are the future of mobility. If these applications are not based on strong security protection, I am afraid the users feel it's not secured. Just like the account and password can easily be cracked, hackers can usurp your identity to transfer money or sign the confidential documents when they successfully invaded the system. It will result you a great loss. <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> security phone built-in self-developed embedded security chip and operates with the security information system can provide a protection that integrated hardware and software. It provides a safe environment for these mobility applications. Mobile Payment Security Mobile Data Protection <img src='productpic/ps_e5u81477620601.jpg' /><br>Data Protection<br /> <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> security chip embedded technology allows the mobile phones transformed into the most secure security phone. It can protect the phone's data by AES 256bit hardware encryption. No matter music, video, photos and documents, any files and any format are all compatible. In addition, it also can encrypt email, reminder and sound recording. All the privacy of your phone can be protected. Mobile Data Protection Identification Security <img src='productpic/ps_v70m1477620699.jpg' /><br>Many Apps need to login personal account to use, such as communication, games, banking or customer service Apps. When we registered the account, we have already entered the privacy information. The different type of Apps will require different level of permissions. The more permission are required, the more opportunities the privacy information will be leakage.<br /> <!--{$companyname}--> security phone has built-in embedded crypto chip and integrated secure chip in mobile phone. Through the hardware encryption technology to prevent other people stealing your personal privacy. Identification Security Mobile Communication Security <img src='productpic/ps_mza01477620754.jpg' /><br>Secure Communication<br /> <br /> Since Internet is ubiquitous, Voice over IP market is taking traditional telecommunication's place. However, The transmitted voice is easily to be tapped or wired. <!--{$companyname}--> provides an encrypted voice transmission over internet to ensure that the communication voice data is secured and kept private.<br /> Embed <!--{$companyname}--> security chip in mobile phone, and use the dedicated communication App. Enter correct account/password to identify the caller before making phone call. Then you can make the call in the secure channel, the other people cannot tap your voice. Mobile Communication Security Mobile Phone Fingerprint Security <img src='productpic/ps_j86o1477620888.jpg' /><br>Android &amp; PC Fingerprint Encryption Key<br /> <br /> Use fingerprint identification and security chip brings you the most safety mobile application and also makes your mobile device has extra memory. It supports data encryption/decryption and transmission for cross-OS (Android and Windows).<br /> The fingerprint identification can be a protection for the storage of Android &amp; PC Encryption Key. Users cannot open the disk if the Key identify incorrect fingerprint, so the privacy that users saved in the Key is totally safe.<br /> With secure chip, any file and data of Windows PC and Android phone can be encrypted/decrypted. The files will be protected after be encrypted, so users can safely share to other people or upload to cloud storage. Besides, use the specific secure Apps, users can encrypt the email, reminder, or recording, etc. Mobile Phone Fingerprint Security Encryption Key <img src='productpic/ps_ju8w1477620946.jpg' /><br>Android and PC Encryption Key<br /> <br /> Android and PC Encryption Key is an encryption hardware key especially design for Android OS smartphones and Windows OS PC. It allows you to protect your files by encrypting them through the key embedded AES encryption/decryption engine and also works as an external and accessible accessory storage device.<br /> User can encrypt the folders and files from Android phone and PC by connecting Android and PC Encryption Key directly. Besides, it also allows users transfer their files (music, photo, video and document. etc). The usage is very useful and convenient just as in the general using experience on the computer. Through using Android and PC Encryption Key, people are able to share any data at any time they want without a computer or any limitations from internet, blue tooth so on. Encryption Key Fingerprint Identification Card <img src='productpic/ps_t9x1477621031.jpg' /><br>Fingerprint Identification Access Card<br /> <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> Fingerprint Identification Access Card is the general access card integrates the fingerprint sensor. The most difference is that NFC sensor must be enabled by recognizing the owner's fingerprint, that is, if you are not the owner, even get the access card you still cannot use it. Moreover, the access card also integrates fingerprint USB flash disk function, you can partition a protected area that needs to be opened by fingerprint reorganization. It allows you save any privacy data you want to protect.<br /> For all enterprises, the Fingerprint Identification Access Card is not only a device for attendance and access control. Moreover, it can enhance the safety of identify authentication, provides a safer protection for enterprises. Fingerprint Identification Card PC Fingerprint Security <img src='productpic/ps_voqe1477621232.jpg' /><br>PC Fingerprint Encryption Key<br /> <br /> PC Encryption Key is a file and folder encryption USB hardware key for Windows based OS PC. Through the embedded security chip, it allows you to protect your files and folders by encrypting them. In addition, PC Encryption Key is also a card reader for microSD cards as an expansion memory. Integrated the fingerprint identification function, it can protect the storage of PC Encryption Key. Users need to use their fingerprint to open the disk. The disk cannot be opened if the PC Encryption Key identify incorrect fingerprint. PC Fingerprint Security Asset Management Control <img src='productpic/ps_5gql1477621298.jpg' /><br>Asset Management &amp; Control<br /> <br /> Through IT asset management and control, enterprises can classify the assets according to the operating process and value of assets, and then plan the safeguard for each different level of assets. The IT asset can be divided into information asset (ex. Files, system documents and database, etc.), entity asset (ex. Computes and communication equipment, etc.) and software asset (ex. Application software and system software, etc.) and service asset (ex. Power source and air condition, etc.)<br /> <!--{$companyname}-->'s enterprise security solutions provide protection for e-file, system files and computers. Build a secure mechanism for IT assets. Through the real-time reporting and tracking records, avoid the confidential or sensitive data will be leaked due to unauthorized access of IT assets. Reduce the damage caused by the information security incidents. Asset Management Control Behavior Management <img src='productpic/ps_ej7n1477621354.jpg' /><br>Behavior Management &amp; Control<br /> <br /> Facing the increasing threats of information security, <!--{$companyname}-->'s enterprise security solutions provide a safe and efficient IT environment to help enterprises building the information security and reduce the operation risk. For the endpoint users logging and behavior control, providing high stability, high efficiency and simple utility system.<br /> The system provides real-time user's computer information to help managers knowing the status of computer, and can record the events of startup/shutdown, login/logout and Web browsing, etc. Therefore, whether due to the inadvertent mistakes or malicious theft, resulting in confidential data loss or leakage. The managers can immediately grasp and effective control. Behavior Management Enterprise Data Protection <img src='productpic/ps_trym1477621555.jpg' /><br>Data Protection<br /> <br /> Most enterprises lost their confidential properties may be leaked by hackers, former employees or people who are interested in obtain. Information system administrator may obtain the properties by their permission. Hackers use spyware or viruses to invade the backup server and get the properties. To protect the confidential properties, enterprises will back up or store them in different places, but it's not enough, encrypting the properties is the best way for all.<br /> <!--{$companyname}-->'s enterprise security solution can protect the confidential properties of database by encrypting them. The encryption properties and encryption key will be stored separately. Whether it is by the internal administrators or uses who have permission want to the steal or external attack by hackers, the properties will be protected safely. Only the authorized users can obtain the original data. Enterprise Data Protection Identity authentication <img src='productpic/ps_tpws1477621725.jpg' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> can provide our customer to use E-Sign, E-provision chain, E-consumption, and E-commerce would be ensured that: a signature, contract or other record relating to such transaction may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form; and a contract relating to such transaction may not be denied legal effect, validity or enforceability solely because an electronic signature or electronic record. Identity authentication Fingerprint Mobile Security <img src='productpic/ps_3bwm1477621824.jpg' /><br>Mobile payment also referred to a payment service using mobile devices and through integrated <!--{$companyname}--> solution of OTG Key with Fingerprint Identification function for mobile money transfer. <br /> Mobile payment is being adopted all over the world in different ways, therefore Mobile Encrypted OTG Key is safety and easy to operate. In addition to mobile payment, Fingerprint Identification function can also be used on the applications such as identity authentication or mobile signature. When CA (Public CA or In-House CA) confirm your identity then authorize you a pass of mobile signature. The security chip that integrated fingerprint identification will be the new definition of information security protection in the future. Fingerprint Mobile Security Mobile Banking Security <img src='productpic/ps_v8al1477622220.jpg' /><br>Mobile Banking<br /> <br /> Cyber attacks at banks could dampen customers' enthusiasm to pay for things online or with their phones. Many banks are trying to develop ecommerce and mobile payments projects in the hopes of generating more revenue from customers. For this circumstance, fraudulent transactions come from legitimate users, so transactions need to be validated.<br /> We offer a comprehensive solution that embedded the security mechanism into mobile phone to address various levels of risk in mobile banking. Mobile Banking Security Secure Mobile Payments <img src='productpic/ps_5wh81477622277.jpg' /><br>Mobile Payment<br /> <br /> Nowadays, people expect to spend money without real credit cards but embed the secure elements into mobile devices instead. Users won't worry about cards jam in wallet if all credit cards have been virtualized into their own mobile devices.<br /> <br /> <!--{$companyname}--> can provide mobile payment solution that an NFC Secure Micro SD card for mobile phone without NFC function so that users can input all credit cards' information into the Micro SD card to spend money easily and safely. Secure Mobile Payments Mobile Signature <img src='productpic/ps_vaxr1477622327.jpg' /><br>To deal with information or official documents from various users' mobile devices, many agencies need a tool of digital signature to endorse or confirm daily processes anywhere and anytime. To differentiate the traditional computer environments or systems, many agencies are required the efficiency to complete every mission under security settlement and the ubiquitous mobility.<br /> No matter iOS or Android platform, we provide a correspondent solution for most of devices to meet kinds of mobile devices digital signature requirements and ensure the security of data transaction. Mobile Signature Personal Data Protection <img src='productpic/ps_omzf1477622651.jpg' /><br>Data Protection<br /> <br /> From government to personal do have some secret need protect, If we are ever being watched, inadvertently or not, we can hide our data by using properly implemented cryptosystems.<br /> <!--{$companyname}--> supplying solution are hardkey encryption with soft application to help protects data, Integrated hardware and software for provide high secure. Personal Data Protection Asset Security <img src='productpic/ps_o59z1477622712.jpg' /><br>Device Management &amp; Control<br /> <br /> Nowadays, information technology makes variety of devices for we used, such as desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. We are used to store confidential documents or privacy data in these devices. <!--{$companyname}--> security system include platform as a services (PaaS) to help manage terminal device, Multiple protection ensures process under protection, However device lost or stolen, control by your own sever make individual device expiration. Asset Security Personal Information Protection <img src='productpic/ps_ecdz1477622763.jpg' /><br>Identifying Information Protection<br /> <br /> Our identifying information such as name, birthday, ID number, jobs or contact info were stored in the system when we did registrations, online shopping or appointment. This generation E-payment is applied broadly, When we using it we are also bear that risk of information leak.<br /> <!--{$companyname}--> token equipped with fingerprint technology to accessing, Easy and convenient make safety performs authentication. Personal Information Protection Personal Authentication <img src='productpic/ps_5dlr1477622824.jpg' /><br>Identity Authentication<br /> <br /> The communication or cloud storage software such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox or Google Drive, these we used software. Their common identity authentication is using account with password for confirm you are the right person. But we heard personal information leaks again and again, Causing we provided multi factors for use with identity authentication. Personal Authentication Industry 4.0 <img src='productpic/ps_rx531477622954.jpg' /><br>Facing the trend of Internet of Things (IoT), industrial applications have begun to integrate a variety of technologies and had a new industrial revolution that is the evolution of industry 4.0. Looking to the future, most manufacturers would like to put in IoT concept of manufacturing technology. The technology that from product development, production and service should be communicated through software and network.<br /> Through the internet to transmit the information, which can enhance the efficiency of product manufacturing, but it also brings information security threats. When the information is transmitting, the user data is easily to be leaked because the people who are interested steal. <!--{$companyname}-->'s IoT security solutions can encrypt the information before transmitting to other end devices, to achieve the goal of safely information transmission. Through the hardware encryption device and backend encryption system, make the information security problem of Industry 4.0 can be solved. Industry 4.0 POS Security <img src='productpic/ps_ckt01477623154.jpg' /><br>Medical POS Security<br /> <br /> There are many medical institutions have been using POS or mPOS system, such as Mobile Nurse Station. Because the medical institutions have a large number of patient privacy, they have been the targets of hackers. They need to pay more attention to the importance of POS system security. <!--{$companyname}--> information security applications have integrated software &amp; hardware and front &amp; back-end certificated system technology. We can fully customized design the solution for our customers, so we are your first choice of POS security technology provider. POS Security mPOS Security <img src='productpic/ps_g3lh1477623237.jpg' /><br>mPOS (mobile point of sale) is a&nbsp;smartphone,&nbsp;tablet&nbsp;or dedicated&nbsp;wireless&nbsp;device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal. mPOS implementations allow transactions&nbsp;not limited at POS countertop. It can improve the customer experience (CX). However, when more mobile devices connected, there will be more security problem. Each device and user that connected to network might become hacker's targets. <!--{$companyname}--> has abundant development experience on iOS and Android OS. We believe must be your preferred choice when you are looking for an application of mPOS information security solutions. mPOS Security POS System Security <img src='productpic/ps_65ej1477623321.jpg' /><br>Point of Sales (POS) Security<br /> <br /> Most of the industries in the retail, service or food business that use the POS system as checkout tools. Consumers usually use payment such as credit cards or mobile payments. These payment tools will leave information in the system, so the POS system is very easy to become the target of hackers.<br /> <!--{$companyname}--> POS security solution is designed to provide consumers a secure payment environment by integrating security chips on the POS system equipments, and operating with the back-end security authentication system. Combining hardware and soft ware encryption to provide a best protection for the POS system. POS System Security Healthcare Security <img src='productpic/ps_31uz1477623655.jpg' /><br>With the development of Internet of Things (IoT), the related applications are gradually implemented in the field of healthcare. In the application for healthcare, it is used to build applications on Telemedicine such as Telemonitoring and Tele-care systems. Telemedicine provides healthcare or social services to home/community/public institutions through telecommunication and computer technology. Through the internet to transfer information to backend information system. But the internet might be attack, resulting the medical record privacy leakage, medical research stolen or commands tampered.<br /> <!--{$companyname}-->'s IoT security solutions provide the protection for medical record privacy and medical research by hardware encryption device and backend security system. It also can encrypt the commands before transferring, to ensure the commands are correct. Through these security mechanisms, the smart healthcare not only bringing people convenience but also be safe. Healthcare Security IoV Security <img src='productpic/ps_j97u1477623750.jpg' /><br>Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Security<br /> <br /> Nowadays, Telematics have more and more functions such as GPS navigation and mobile phone connection, and even the connectivity with cloud and networks, so it developed into Internet of Vehicles (IoV). The more complex the functions, there are also potential security vulnerabilities, such as hackers can hack in the system and steal the mobile phone's data or tamper with the information of navigation. The more serious possibility is the steering wheel or brake might be operated from remote control by hackers, and will influence the traffic safety. <!--{$companyname}--> IoT Security is, anti-blocking information security vulnerabilities and creates the best solution for IoV. To strengthen the car's information security. IoV Security Logistics Security <img src='productpic/ps_c2qu1477623816.jpg' /><br>Through the technology of big data, IoT and Internet, Industry 4.0 make the supply chain, producing process and logistics that connecting together. The production will be fully automated, so the logistics must be implemented information networks. Nowadays, global network provides logistics informatization a favorable information environment because the great popularity and availability of network resource. Logistics informatization means distributor center communicates with whether suppliers, manufacturers or customers totally by networks.<br /> Fully informatization also brings the information security threats. The higher the extent of informatization, the information security is more important. <!--{$companyname}-->'s IoT security solutions can prevent the hackers implant viruses to steal the confidential information through the hardware encryption device and backend encryption system. Avoid logistics or productions suffer the losses because of an error or interrupt of information transfer caused by malicious attack. Logistics Security Smart Home Security <img src='productpic/ps_2aon1477623867.jpg' /><br>Facing the trend of Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Home that based on automation control and application provides the higher value application scenarios for family life. Smart Home usually connects the smart phone and home devices such as doorbell, door locks, TVs, lights, fans, windows or monitors, etc. through internet. Users remote control these devices by using smart phones, but this section is most easily be hacked. This situation makes the person information and secret data leakage, so the issue should be taken seriously.<br /> <!--{$companyname}--> IoT security solutions offer high degree of security protection when users remote control devices. We added encryption and authentication mechanisms in the process of command transmission, so hackers cannot easily steal data. It allows users to enjoy the convenience and energy-saving smart home life, but also have a perfect protection. Smart Home Security iOS Fingerprint Security <img src='productpic/ps_zhmu1477623931.jpg' /><br>iOS &amp; PC Fingerprint Encryption Key<br /> <br /> Our encrypt engine is cross operating system working, Using biometric technology on encryption make easy to remember password.<br /> iOS &amp; PC Fingerprint Encryption Key have two application, one is disk encryption another is data encryption, Powerful encryption engine to provide comprehensive protection. iOS Fingerprint Security iOS Fingerprint Authentication <img src='productpic/ps_no9t1477623974.jpg' /><br>iOS Fingerprint Certification Key<br /> <br /> We always only enter account and password to authenticate our identity when we do mobile payment, online payment or online transfer. iOS Fingerprint Certification Key are hardware and software integration for end user, Through hardware key identifying allow digital certificates by correct fingerprint, All these are based upon the X.509 standard and feature CAs. iOS Fingerprint Authentication iOS Mobile Security <img src='productpic/ps_7dy11477624044.jpg' /><br>iOS Mobile Signature Key<br /> <br /> iOS Mobile Signature Key is digital signature generated either on a mobile phone or on a SIM card, Dual channel two factor authentications is the ideal solution to meet kinds of mobile devices digital signature requirements and ensure the security of data transaction. iOS Mobile Security iOS Smart Card Reader <img src='productpic/ps_zhm31477624081.jpg' /><br>iOS Smart Card Reader for Internet banking user, If internet transaction without entity are not safety enough, For some businessman large transaction are necessary, iOS smart card reader with entity two-factor authentication connecting credit card and smart card reader between NFC for more convenient. iOS Smart Card Reader